1 Hyundai hyscan

by gotagetz

3 Cross car parts compatibility

by DelphiPascal

4 MP3 and WAV


5 Newbie with a project

by Cliffx2

6 I40 Apple CarPlay

by Gazbaz2

7 Peeling Paint

by RedTabby21

8 xi35

by rugbys101@

11 Newby

by Bikerandy

12 New Member

by MickeyBo

14 New WLTP economy figures

by Chocolat

15 new member I10 owner

by pobbles

16 Hyundai UK Boss steps down

by Ruperts Trooper

18 New member

by catnamedog

20 I40 premium CD unit Broke

by vtolmedia

23 Seat upholsterers

by ffiscool

24 Roof rack

by Pricey

25 My 06 Tucson

by Matt22