Topic: Hi! Got a 2000 Accent 1.3 GSI! :)

Hello all,

Registered after a good nose around the forum. Long story short, we bought a 1.3 GSI as a project car for a young apprentice mechanic in the family with 50k, some service history, year of MOT and a LOT of work gone into it for £72. Yep, £72. All it needed was a new battery and that cured a raft of issues with it! On the drive home I got this feeling that it just "wants to live" and has a fair bit of life left to give! So we're going to put it back to 100%, cure the little niggles it has and make it a minter. smile

I'd describe myself as a third-rate driveway DIY fiddler, though have assisted with an engine swap in my daily, a few engine rebuilds, few head gaskets and cambelts, though I never touch brakes. In other words, I have a Haynes manual and a socket set and I'm dangerous with it!

We called the car Ugly Betty on account of the (I believe mandatory) bumper scrapes.

Wish us luck! smile