Topic: Reliable new part supplier please!!

Hi, I am new to the site and was wondering if anybody can recommend a reliable and trustworthy place to obtain new spare parts for an i30? I have been trying local dealers who have proved useless and indifferent to the fact that my car is off the road and I cannot even get the information about the part I need. Very frustrating! Any advice would be gratefully received!!


Re: Reliable new part supplier please!!

What part do you need?

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Re: Reliable new part supplier please!!

I need an oil cooler and an oil filter housing. Problem is, for my car there were three different ones listed. The dealer told me that they would have to contact UK head office to find out which one it was for my car before I could order it. I am yet to get the details from head office so still effectively at square one. Any assistance would be gratefully received!!


Re: Reliable new part supplier please!!

Oil cooler on an i30 - that sounds strange - is it needed for a UK car, or some other climate?

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Re: Reliable new part supplier please!!

UK car - it went and started pumping oil into the water coolant reservoir. All sorted now though thanks. Hyundai eventually sorted it.