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Good day gentlemen and fine ladies, I am from the uk a small place near Heathrow called, hayes. I am a member of the other Hyundai forum also, I see one or two names I recognise here too!
Just want to reach out and say hi....
Well I thought I was set on an i30 premium but am liking also the i40 very much also..
Estimate I will decide in a month or so once I have some pressing family stuff dealt with.
I really like the design of the 2nd gen interior of the i30 more than the newer model which looks bland to me?!
Trying to find out good dealers so I am trawling the posts here, very informative, I prefer the dct variant as I've driven auto for years a matter of choice, I don't mind stirring the stick but not long term- I gather the dct is a good box and don't see many tales of strife with this box, seems tried and tested..
Any recommendation for a dealer would be appreciated, I don't know of another owner to speak to as I have literally seen only one i30 and one i40 in the area in many years, seem very thin on the ground?

Thanks all, I look forward to hearing from you.


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Welcome.  It depends on how far you wish to travel to one. I just bought my 2nd car from Richmond Hyundai.  They have a few branches. Also Watford are ok but I got a better price from Richmond group.  I was part exchanging or I would have used drivethedeal

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No px so it will be debit payment, don't mind travel, could be nice to explore a place at the same time. Thanks for the tip, I will look at Richmond Hyundai now!


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Done it... paid for 2016 se nav.. she has 12k on the clock and is automatic..
Gets delivered to me on the 13...so excited!


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Welcome to the club. I drove the US version of the 2016 i30 with the auto gearbox and was very impressed.

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Thanks guys, bought it from BuyaCar.co.uk, interesting experience... I normally would never consider buying such a thing online having the touch and feel experience is always better..
The prices were great to be a fair a 1 year old for just over 10k can’t be bad.
Reported as faultless condition and the pics seem show this as accurate, trouble is you don’t know more after that, eg, I don’t know if it comes with mats, the I phone cable, etc... little things, but I would have liked to know.. BuyaCar say, your buying just the car and it won’t come with anything else...
So... I get her on wed, I will be sure to report back that

Day and let you know my thoughts and findings in case anyone else goes this route for the future.
Regards chaps.


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SE Nav willl come with a minimum spec so you can always check it meets the standard by looking at the manual.


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She has arrived and I think it’s just perfect, flawless body, wheels, Interia and just incredible all round, with just 12k on the clock, so excited.. the newest car I’ve had and so happy with her..