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Hello, is it right that if my local garage services my new Hyundai using genuine Hyundai parts my warranty will not be affected?


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should be fine as long as you say, right parts are used. I always have mine done at what used to be a dealer and now does servicing mainly.

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Yes and ensure you get a detailed invoice with part numbers and you should be fine.


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It's detailed in the service book what is required when you use an indy to ensure the warranty is not invalidated.

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Thanks everyone


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The only issue with this is that they can't undertake warranty work, so you could end up paying for something that a main dealer would cover under warranty.


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I was pretty sure that you didnt have to use dealer parts and could use after market filters that meet the specs..but according to this that is not the case.. yikes

https://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/new-car- … servicing/