Topic: Rain sensor initial sweep

Have just purchased a 2013 i40 with rain sensor. Love the feature, but when it stops raining the wipers of course also stop and I don't think more about the wipers. Next time starting the car, it performs the initial sweep on the now dry and dusty windscreen.. sad

Is there any way to turn off that initial sweep function..?


Re: Rain sensor initial sweep

What an absolute pain in the ass that is.

That has been the case on both my i30s and as I recall, my dealership said that the "diagnostic initiation sweep" cannot be adjusted or inhibited.

Thankfully, my Ioniq does not perform such a glass-scraping cycle.

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Re: Rain sensor initial sweep

Hyundai anomaly, great when the wipers are stuck to the screen with ice, rips all the rubber off before the windscreen heater melts the ice sad

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Re: Rain sensor initial sweep

nor my ix20.. how stupid

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