Topic: DAB Radio problems??

So had my 17 plate i20 a month now..
But about 4 times the DAB has cut out randomly..
On motorways and around towns. Everytime ive tried local and bbc stations BUT
Still no sound, and when the dab cuts out the iphone audio input fails too
Only time i get any DAB and iphone music back is when i turn car off and restart..

Fm works fine. But jus wonderd if anyone else experienced this or what could beup


Re: DAB Radio problems??

Sorry mate, my 16 plate se nav has fm only... wondered about dab, heard great things, but of late not, seems when they flake they dont crackle, just die instantly..
talk to dealer first mate, may have a genuine fault as it comes back when rebooted?
Give it a go and let us know please...


Re: DAB Radio problems??

My dab often cuts out as the inherently weak digital signal cannot penetrate objects like FM.

Mine, though, quickly switches to the same station on FM, albeit with a slight timeshift (so I hear bits of the same music for a second or so)

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