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Hi all
I got my Tucson SE Nav brand new more than 2 years ago (16 plate), on a 3-year "PCP" from Ryders here in Warrington. The contract is due up next June (2019).
All in all, the car has been OK, with little to complain about. Not spectacular, but a decent workhorse.
I think the main problems have been centred around the dealer.
Waiting more than 2 hours for a job which they told me would take 30 to 40 minutes, and no apology or update, started a not-very-good relationship. When I eventually complained to Hyundai UK over a couple of other things, the resultant phone calls and letters caused me to decide never to have anything more to do with the dealer. I now use the dealer in Northwich to service my car.

I was given "wrong information" by the sales person about the updates for the sat-nav. Living near the Mersey Crossing, even the latest update shows the old bridge & road layout. I just use my phone and Google Maps now.
The Hyundai App will no longer "see" my phone, so traffic alerts don't work.

The final straw for me was when I decided to give the car back after 2 years. The sales person assured me I could do that after 50% of the cost had been paid, but when I tried it, I was pointed to the fine print that says I could not do it, and that the full term was the agreement.

So, once the contract is up, I don't feel that I want anything more to do with Hyundai cars.