Topic: Hyundai Coupe - Recommendations please?

Hi All,   I have just sen a lovely condition (looking) Series 111 on a garage forecourt.  Never spotted one before and am mightily impressed! What I would hugely appreciate is a frank appraisal of whether it is a 'practical' car to own as regards getting spares and maintaining please?  Nothing like asking reviews from owners as hopefully they are the ones to "tell it like it is"!
I have always done my own general mechanical work (engine stripdowns,  etc,) butam only very basic on electronics - so if they have known gremlins then I would be at a loss!
Is the Series 111 a major improvement on previous models(so worth only concentrating on finding),or mostly cosmetic?
I am no 'racer', so the 2 litre models would do me fine - especially maybe as regards insurance! Does any Company insure them as ''Classics''?)
Are the mechanicals interchangeable with other saloons or are there many specialist engine or running gear parts just made for this model?
The look very affordable, so am tempted, but what should I realistically watch out for other then the usual when after a decade old car?
Over to you please,  and MANY thanks in advance
Regards, Richard


Re: Hyundai Coupe - Recommendations please?

I take it you mean the coupe and if so then..

https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/h … oupe-2002/


Re: Hyundai Coupe - Recommendations please?

lol  I think his topic title kinda gave it away?  lol

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Re: Hyundai Coupe - Recommendations please?

Thanks Phill48 - Yes, I had spotted the Honest John article, and taken note of the comments.  I guess I am just seeking some more personal experiences of owning such a car and ideas of what to be aware of when hunting one up!.  Only the 2 litre would seem to fit the bill for me, and probably just a Series 111 model.
However, if someone reckons that the previous model was in reality the better one, then I would listen!  Main concern is for the Spares situation, although I see on one Forum that there seems to be a dealer who breaks cars and might supply many items.
I must say  would love to now if the 2Litre engine and box is shared by any other Hyundai's, as that would give confidence in getting such parts as required?
Thanks folks, and Happy New Year,


Re: Hyundai Coupe - Recommendations please?

According to Wikipedia, the Beta-family of 4-cylinder engines 1.6/1.8/2.0 was used in a wide range of Hyundai/Kia models. The Coupe was known as Tiburon in some markets.

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Re: Hyundai Coupe - Recommendations please?

Thanks Rupert Trooper - have today been to the large Cambridge (Barrington) classic car meeting and of all the luck ran into an owner of a Generation2 car.  Took lots of photos and noted much good advice! So will keep to only looking for a pre 2006 car as I now understand that the Road Tax is wild on later cars!  Also had some advice on the potential Control Box problems should water manage to leak in Series111 cars - presumably one can do something to cover/protect that part as a precaution?.
Will keep hunting, and am surprised at the variation in prices- ''Dealers vs Owners ' sales' maybe?
Cheers, Richard