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I have recently acquired a rather lovely i40 but seem to have inherited a front pair of Autogreen Sport Chaser SC2 tyres. Quick google search indicated that they are sold mainly through National Tyres. In a phone call to them, they admitted, that they were Chinese made tyres, but emphasised that they had been tested by the EU and were rated `A`in the wet and `C` for economy..They also retail at £48 a corner.

  My question is, has anyone else used them or come across them or even heard of them!!


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Never heard or used.. smile


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Autogreen gets no return on www.tyrereviews.co.uk

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Some info

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The same Chinese company may make many tyres with different logos, it's a Chinese thing, the more you buy the more choice you have, even your own name on them big_smile

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Chinese make.
i put these on my car, fronts, snd must say they are good all round tyre.

grip well on wet and dry roads and appear quieter compared to the hankooks which were on.

I'm no expert, so please correct me if I'm wrong


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Thanks for the updates...I`ve just returned from a long round trip, albeit all in the dry..But have to say, the car never gave any cause for concern re grip or roadholding. The noise levels were low, to say the least and economy was well into the 60`s mpg..So next test is try it out somewhere safe in the wet.. Hopefully it will come good there as well..