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Back again. So, 20,000 mile oil changes yikes

Can a 20,000 mile run really be ok for a diesel? I have done 7000 since the last service and feeling a little anxious. I looked at the air filter earlier and it's not exactly clean, no way it could do another 12,000 miles, it would be choked full or crap.

Have any of you actually gone the full 20000 between services? How is your car holding up?

Just can't get my head around a 20,000 mile oil change . .


Re: Oil change intervals

I also felt nervy with my 2014 i30 crdi, on it's 20k/2 year schedule.

So I got services at 15k

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Re: Oil change intervals

If the car is a "keeper" change the oil more frequently, at 10,0000 or even 6,000 mile intervals - just add one/two interim oil/filter changes into the 20,000 mile schedule.

If you plan to sell it before the warranty expires, it'll be someone else's problem - that's not very ethical but likely to be what you buy anywhere as secondhand.

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Re: Oil change intervals

Hi Ishka,

iv'e had two Crdi i30 esates (still have one) The first one did 100K with service intervals at 12,500mls a 2010 one. I had the Oil and filter changed every 6K around 6 monthly always ran as sweet as ever. My other one is a 2011 and has 20K service interval or yearly, again tis one has done nearly 90K and i change the oil and filter again every 6-7K (I book a base service for £99) this is cheaper than an oil and filter change which is £106. I really feel the car runs better on fresh oil and the diesel certainly sounds quieter.
This next bit is controversial i only use V-Power or BP Ultimate in my diesels and the cars run so much smoother you can change gear earlier and fuel consumption is improved, I will get up to 550mls from a tank and if you are doing less miles the extra cost is negligible and you will feel a difference in the car.

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Re: Oil change intervals

I have a 2018 i30 CRDi and they have changed the service intervals back to 12 months/12,000 miles.

Before then, if you did less than 10,000 miles a year they recommended you had the oil changed every 12 months, but not a full service.

I wonder if over time they realised that 20,000 miles between services was causing issues and it cost them a lot in warranty repairs, so they have gone back to annual services as mandatory again?


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my wifes getz manages 5k per annum, so it gets changed yearly.
cost about £30 so it's ok with me.
20k changes? not too sure i'd leave mine that long


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All my cars get serviced at or near the 6000 mile mark. 20,000 miles between oil changes is a bit high in my opinion. I recently traded in my 2008 Cooper D Clubman with 155,000 on the clock and the engine was as sweet as a nut but the clutch was starting to slip and I didn't fancy ripping the clutch/ DMF out plus I fancied a newer car and the Tucson ticked the boxes  big_smile