Topic: How long for parts on back order?

Quick question. I`m waiting for Hyundai to source a new Sat Nav head, all being done under warranty. But they do not carry this part in stock in the UK and it is now on back order. I`m told by Customer services that it has been requested as a `priority`. As I am very new to Hyundai does anyone have any experience of `back order` parts and time expected for delivery?..
  I suggested about a month which the dealer agreed with. Problem is Korea is a long way by sea!!



Re: How long for parts on back order?

The other problem is that the ship stops at "every" port along the way.

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Re: How long for parts on back order?

After some prodding by myself and the dealer, who have been very good in all of this, Cars2 Hyundai Wakefield, the Sat Nav has arrived and being fitted on Friday..Mind you the last one Hyundai sent was for a Santa Fe so we`ll see what turns up this time  hmm