Topic: i10 CD player = code protected?

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Hoping someone might be able to help me out with what might/might not be a simple enough question to answer. Is the PA710RDS CD player code protected?

About a week ago, my unit stopped working all together. No popping sound, no battery problems, or anything like that. I've searched the forums and read some of the other problems listed, but none seem to relate to my query.

As suggested in another thread, I've replaced all the fuses and disconnected the battery...but there's no life in the unit. I had a mobile mechanic come out today who thinks that the unit is dead. (Power seems to be getting through, as the buttons illuminate when the headlamps are switched on). He ran a diagnostic test and no faults came up within the EMU. I managed to remove the unit and checked all the connections at the back, all looked fine enough to me.

Just wondered if you need a code to install a 'new' unit, or if they are just 'plug & play' as I can buy one from ebay for around £55.

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EDIT: It's the first gen model 09 plate smile

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