Topic: i40 Saloon Headlight LED broken

Hi all
Just taken my 2012 (just out of warranty) i40 saloon to the local dealer for 80,000 service and mentioned that the nearside headlight LED had stopped working (the side light and headlight work fine).
Imagine my horror to be quoted in excess of £750 for a single replacement standard headlight unit (a sealed unit so not possible to replace just the LEDs apparently)
Anyone else had a similar problem and been able to source a new or pre-owned unit elsewhere? I have tried eBay but nothing around at the moment. Have also contacted those parts suppliers on t'internet and awaiting any responses but thought I'd try you guys as well.
I have read lots of issues/feeds about i40 headlights but mainly about brightness and field of beam, nothing about extortionate replacement costs.
Names and/or websites of any honest and reliable new/used parts suppliers would be much appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.

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