Topic: Installing Sat Nav into Santa Fe style model

Hi all

I recently viewed two 14 plate Santa fe’s. One was the style model in immaculate condition and one was premium model, had slightly lower mileage, but hadn’t been as well looked after. It was also 3k more and biggest discount I could get was £500. I could not justify the price difference so put a deposit on the style model.  I would however like to install satnav and possibly a reversing camera.

My question is, if I buy a second hand Hyundai Sat Nav unit for a premium Santa  Fe, is it compatible with the style model? How easy is it to fit? Or am I better getting a professionl to fit the unit and a camera at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any assistance or info provided


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Re: Installing Sat Nav into Santa Fe style model

It might be easier/cheaper to get double-din aftermarket sat-nav and a third-party fitting kit - it would mean removing much of the dashboard trim but that's probably necessary anyway.

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