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Hi all, I have just joined the club, I have a 2010 Santé Fe which I bought new to tow a caravan which it does very well. It has just clocked up 99000miles and I have decided to start maintaining it myself rather than use the nearest dealer.
Not sure whether this should be another post but does anyone knows where to source a workshop manual for a Santé Fe?


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Saw some manuals on eBay.
Good on you for taking the maintenance on yourself.
I'm doing mine on my own too .


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Anything in here of use...?

http://www.hyundaiownersclub.co.uk/foru … php?id=996

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Thanks for the replies, have looked at e bay and not sure of the quality of what is being offered and what's on the link doesn't seem to cover my car


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I don't think there's a workshop manual for the 2010-on 2.2 diesel anywhere in the world - I looked when I had one and drew blanks.

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