Topic: Not long now!

At long last - after nearly 16 weeks, I pick up my new i10 Premium SE 1.2 auto! Apparently it took this long because Hyundai weren't yet geared up to produce the red trim for the Passion Red paintwork.

One 'dqwner' on this special day was the increase on insurance. They wanted another £75 to switch (only 4 months to renewal date). Why?! I'm the same age and the switch is from exactly the same model only a manual. Is this just an excuse to hike up the premium? Anyone else had this happen? Definitely going for a requote somewhere else next April.

Meanwhile I shall enjoy the new motor!

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i10 Premium SE 1.2 Auto, Passion Red. The Bees Knees!


Re: Not long now!

Happy for you maye, these insurance people are scammers, i got a quote froma company who immediatly took £750 from my account as we spoke then they called me back and said the orice was twice as much buy they could do the rest in monthly payments woth interest!!!!
I saod as you no doubt would... f/o amd they told me then it would take over a week to refund the miney they took without my agreement back!!!
Bugger thieving scum, wemt with admiral and got a deal i am happy with..
good luck mate amd enjoy the ride.