Topic: Auto trim n chips

very good service, price and a  great finish.
steve or greg
Auto Trim 'n' Chips
benfleet 01268 795048 or 07950 579424
not a mobile service but it's close to benfleet station for a short ride into london or lakeside....
rust removal on the rear wheel arch and the rear bumper where a larger section of paint had come off and they knocked some dents out too and the car is just like new.
really good finish, you'd never have known


Re: Auto trim n chips

Waiting 5 months now on Dent Devil, who are exclusively a mobile service, despite reminding them on more than one occasion.
Obviously not interested in smaller jobs.


Re: Auto trim n chips

Thanks for the tip maye.. i use pdr people maybe every two years... some are just brilliant and simply legendary fixes... had great results from a body shop in twickenham... just stunning.