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Well that's it. My Hyundai is gone.
No problems with the car but the dealer never at any time of my ownership
Let me have peace if mind.
No wonder all the other brand dealers are full of hyundai trade ins where I live.
Through no fault of the cars.
It looks like if you buy a hyundai in Londonderry you will not keep it long
Once you buy it that's it. Really bad customer service.
After my experience i'm never buying a car again with a warranty as
It was used as a chip by dealer to make you pay extortionate servicing costs or risk loosing the warranty. They made me feel like the car was never at any time mine
I have enjoyed being part of the HOCGB forum and will drop in to catch up.
Don't let my experience put you off buying Hyundai as they are good.
It was just the dealer that let me down.

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That's a shame, Pujo. How do these people hold on to their dealerships? Hyundai are good motors and Hyundai themselves try hard to give owners what they want - only to be let down by these idiots. Would be interesting if they  were aware of this poor service - whether they would take any action?

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Re: Goodbye or farewell

I already complained to hyundai UK.
And left a beezer review on Google.
Hope they get some feedback and buck up their ideas.


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Good luck and I hope you have better luck with your next car.. smile


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Good luck with your next car brand. Such a shame as I've our whole family have Hyundai and our dealers are fantastic.

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