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Does the breakdown assistance extend to things like: at home and car won’t start, would they allow my dog to be transported in the breakdown vehicle? What happens if we’re miles from home and the car can’t be fixed at the roadside?
I’m wondering if it’s worth keeping my RAC membership going when I get my new car.
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A little research suggests no home breakdown.......has to be at least a quarter of a mile from your home.
Animals are at the discretion of the recovery guy but I wouldn’t expect them to refuse to transport a dog.
If unable to fix at roadside they will tow to the nearest dealer or a location of your choice but no further than the distance of the dealer.
They do not provide courtesy cars or pay for any inconveniences such as emergency accommodation apparently either.
Better to read the terms of service for full info which can be accessed through the website.


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Thank you


Re: Breakdown Assistance

Here is the full info, it does include home assist 
http://www.hyundai.co.uk/content/owning … ervice.pdf


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Re: Breakdown Assistance

Even better.......as said, always better to read the full terms  smile


Re: Breakdown Assistance

There is replacement car too.

From the Hyundai Website

My car has broken down, what should I do?
Contact your Roadside Assistance Programme provider on 0800 980 2733. If your vehicle is recovered to the nearest Hyundai dealership, you will be entitled to short-term complimentary car hire.

I can’t remember if it’s 24 or 48 hours car rental, also see references to Onward Travel.

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