Topic: New Tucsan - are car mats an extra?

Picked up my new Tucsan last night and very impressed with it.

Just noticed that there were no mats supplied with the car.

Is this normal / Have I missed a trick in my negotiations with my dealer?

£130 for genuine ones is madness. Any suggestions on good carpet alternatives.


Re: New Tucsan - are car mats an extra?

Normal I’m afraid, unless the dealer adds them in as a sales incentive when negotiating the purchase.

There are plenty of made to measure mats on eBay.

I’ve got Hyundai rubber mats, anyone that’s met my kids will understand why! You don’t see them advertised but you can get them from the dealers.

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Re: New Tucsan - are car mats an extra?

The RAC shop sells them here for cheap, but it seems a bit too good to be true if they normally cost £130. You'll have to find out for yourself if there's any extra costs or anything.

https://www.racshop.co.uk/car-mats/hyun … dai-tucson


Re: New Tucsan - are car mats an extra?

As the sale is finalised I always ask for mats and fuel, my dealer throws them in automatically now also for my daughters cars as well. tongue


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