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I was just driving home along a normal road when, after hearing a couple of small bangs, the Sun Roof shattered on both my wife and myself. Glass everywhere in hair, in clothes, on seats and floor and still some hanging dangerously from the sun roof. Lickily for us there was nobody behind and we were only travelling at 40 mph.
Has anybody had this before? The warranty expires in September 2018


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What vehicle?

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Re: Shattered Sun Roof

An IX20  Style 63 plate


Re: Shattered Sun Roof

How scary and worrying. Lucky you were ok and could stop    I have an ix20 with sun roof

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Please be aware that your insurance company treat the sun roof as glass and therefore will most probably fall under various small print clauses in the policy document. For instance my policy document headlined 'Guaranteed Hire Car' but the small print excludes glass damage, Very misleading.


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Also driving an ix20 but thankfully no sun roof..it was one of the things I actually dismissed from my list when buying mine.. hmm


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It is unlikely that it would be covered by warranty, though many of these shattering sun roofs are caused by a glass manufacturing defect the answer usually is a "stone must have hit it" you have a pile of glass so no proof either way. You may be covered on your glass cover with your car insurance but depending on the insurance company maybe not sad

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