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Anyone used the Hyundai Accident Aftercare service and how did they perform?

Reason i ask is that i had a minor bump which knocked in the o/s fog, coupled with scuffs to the black plastic bumper, silver air intake and bumper paint work. Because of the minor nature of the repair i elected to put the repair in the hands of my insurers. Oh dear what a mistake,  i had to reject the repair as the original plastic black part was (i think) belt sanded then sprayed black and the original air intake refitted without rectification. Fortunately the 2nd retry after 3 weeks used all new parts, so a happy ending (i think/hope).


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You already asked this in the Santa Fe section, but since you got no replies there I've deleted it

I've used the AfterCare service twice now.

For the "no fault" front bumper on my i30 in 2015 they organised a local garage which performed badly, to say the least. One month to fit new brackets and respray the bumper, while I had to make do with a basic i10. Incidentally, the respray had to go back twice for reworking as it began peeling. Terrible bodyshop they chose.

The second "my fault" incident was rejected by AfterCare as they said they couldn't help as it was my fault; they would, however, recover my Ioniq to a crash repair holding centre. So I contacted my insurance and dealt with it all myself. When AfterCare called me to see how I rated their service, they said the advice I was originally given by them regarding not wanting to get involved, was in fact incorrect and they apologised.

The repairs to my Ioniq were superb - done by Arnold Clarke St Helens.

So, you take a bit of a gamble when you involve AfterCare.

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Thank you Shambles, for the removal from the SF forum and sharing your experience with the HAC service.
In parallel i contacted another SF owner in my local U3A group, who has had a recent and similar accident to me and he is also with Aviva. However because he had previously encountered poor quality repairs by Solus (Finchley, Nth London). He now insists with Aviva on repairs being performed by Solus of Hitchen, Hertfordshire.
I suppose the moral of this story is to seek out recommendations on the clubs bodyshop repair forum before leaping into the dark art of vehicle body repairs.
Kind regard.

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