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Hi all, I'm new to this.
I have a 2015 65 plate i40 estate se nav business

Does anybody know what the DIVX function is for on the head unit please?

Hoping it's some kind of video player but not sure

Many thanks


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Please someone must have an idea of what the DIVX thing does on the head unit


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Doesn't the handbook mention what it's for? My Ioniq and previous two i30s all have/had a separate booklet covering the infotainment side of things.

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Re: DIVX? Function

Hi Shambles, thanks for the reply. The handbook says very little about what the function is for. The only info I can find is on the actual screen itself it says something about registering the device to play movies


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DIVX is a video codec used to compress (and decompress) video content. Registering it allows you to play videos that use the DIVX codec. Nothing earth shattering, sorry smile


Re: DIVX? Function

Thanks for the reply.
Does anybody know how/if it is possible to play videos on the head u it if I registered it with Divx?