Topic: Puncture and Warning Lights

Was unfortunate to have a puncture the other day.  Didn’t notice warning lights on getting in to the car and pulling away.  Drove around 20 metres before pulling over.  Replaced main wheel (Drivers Offside) with the space saver.   On driving the two miles home, both the Tyre position and Low Tyre pressure warning lights working as they should be.  Tyre needed replacing and once fitted, was pleasantly surprised to see both warning lights had cleared.  Thought that until being driven for around 10 minutes at a constant speed of above 20mph or so, after replacing the tyre, the Low Tyre pressure warning light would remain lit.  Manual a little unclear but pleased warning lights reset automatically.  2016 i30 CTDI SE Nav.  At least I know the systems working!  cool


Re: Puncture and Warning Lights

My ones come on occasionally and in particular after a tyre change. I generally go and top up the pressure and they go out straight away.


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