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Hello, ok I have a question about the warranty cover on my almost new Tucson. Bought yesterday, 12,000 miles on the clock, 2016 model. Bought from a Hyundai main dealer, still has 4 years warranty. All service stamps are ok.

Now before I ring the dealer and give him a piece of my mind, I would like your opinions on the the following.

As I said, I picked up the car yesterday. Was assured it was fully serviced by the dealer two days prior. On the way home, dealer is two hours away from me, I had to pull over because of a horrendous rattle from the engine. Seeing as I was almost home and the dealer had closed for the day, I called my breakdown service.

Anyway the rattle was traced to a loose wiring harness, which is next to the fuel lines on the top of the engine block. It was missing a bolt and rattling against the block whenever I took my foot off the accelerator. Breakdown guy said the bolt had been missing for some time as there was road dirt all over the plastic which should have been covered by the bolt head.

Seems the "51 point check" which they were supposed to carry out before handover had either NOT been done, or their service tech is not doing their job.

Will the fact that I called out the AA to "work" on my vehicle have any bearring on my 4 year warranty?

It was just a missing bolt, but I dont want a record of a potentially "unauthorised" repair to cause me any issued in the future.

Any opinions?

Im pretty annoyed at the dealer and want them to arrange a safey check at a nearby dealer to rule out any other missed issues.



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Bloody disgrace, the car should have been road tested and fully checked. I'd be on the phone first thing this and also call Hyundai Help line (although if you use twitter post on their twitter feed and they will respond very quickly). Using the AA will have no effect on your warranty, a few photos always helps as well.

Hope it's a one off as all my Hyundai's have been excellent, reliable with top dealer service.


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Re: Warranty question

Problem with dealers is ..some good and some bad..luckily its didnt do any damage..my O/H had her 3rd year service on her swift yesterday and they charged her for washer bottle fluid despite the fact that I brimmed it and it wasnt possible to get any more in there.. roll hope your dealer turn out to be better than hers..wont hold my breath tho.. lol