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Hi all I've just joined the forum,

bought my i10 a while ago and loving it - solid wee car.

Decided to look up the forum as I want to get the wee guy serviced, so looking for advice straight off smile

Anyone know where I can get a good service for it? Scotland/North England Area.



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Hi welcome

I find euro car parts the best for pricing, always got offers on and good supply


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Booking on line is often cheaper than going direct to a dealer. But it’s worth a call to compare.
If the car is over 5 years old and out of warranty there are some low cost dealer options too on the esensetials plan.


https://www.hyundai.co.uk/owning/servic … _servicing

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Dont want to do it yourself..dont want to pay garage prices..done at your home or place of work..

https://www.clickmechanic.com/cars/car/ … PYQAvD_BwE