Topic: New WLTP economy figures

As the new way of measuring fuel economy is now in force and the information has to be provided with new cars, I thought I'd have a look at what my car is now advertised as doing under the WLTP system, as opposed to when I bought it last year under the old system.

Previously, it was advertised as being capable of 'up to 74.3mpg', which was always optimistic.  Under WLTP measurement, it is now 58.9mpg, which is a lot close to what I tend to get.  My trip average since owning the car is 53.3mpg, but I can see anything up to 68mpg on a motorway run when I do a brim-to-brim measurement, it does vary massively though as on the same trip (same speed, conditions etc) it has been as low as 52mpg for no apparent reason, something I will bring up with Hyundai at the first service.

My car is an i30 Premium Estate.  Has anyone else compared the new to old figures on their car and consider the new ones to be far more representative, and if so, would the new figures have affected whether you would have chose the car or not (please note I am not looking at a US style claim suit, this is just for info!!)