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Hi all apologies if been covered

I have my car booked in for 2nd year service £225 the cheapest around my area for main delaer.
I dont mind paying that. BUT i have a feeling my brake pads will need replacing as im on 24100miles. And i had to have tyre replaced recently by non hyundai dealer and they said the pads are getting low.

The price hyundai charge is shocking and i know halfords etc i can get done for half the price and i can buy parts myself for cheaper.
What make do hyundai use to be approved parts?
I asked hyundai and they wouldn’t say they jusy try fobbing me off and say the always recommend approved dealer.
Your help is appreciated
Thank you


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For many makes of car, it's economic to buy parts from a franchised dealer and then get a good independent to fit them - specifically for brakes.

Other brake parts may or may not be as good - no easy way of knowing.

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Re: Approved parts/ Service centre

Might be worth your while checking the brake pad prices via this booking site


Often the prices are way below what a dealer would charge. If you like the price book it in and the same dealer quote silly money will still do the job but at Hyundai price not their own..

    At least it gives you something to compare it with..I understand Brembo brake pads are considered good quality and you can source them from Euro Car parts of GSF etc..


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For quite a few years now I have been using EBC ultimax brake pads..great price and they do a brilliant job..because they have a wear in surface on the pads which make the bedding in process fade free..fit them and drive they are brill..



Re: Approved parts/ Service centre

Hi Lukert14,

Couple of things to consider;
if Hyundai fit new pads they will also service the calipers normally i.e. check they are clean and work effectively, yes it does cost more than an independent.
If an independent fits them ensure they are going to clean the calipers as well and then see what the actual price difference is.
The reason I say this because having had 4 Hyundai cars still own 3 I have once used an independent for a set of pads, like you i had a pair of tyres fitted and the pads were low so I got them to fit a new set was around £90. When i went for my next service some 3-4 months later (at the Hyundai dealer) one of the calipers was sticking and the pad had worn the disk so ended up having to get pads and disk on the car, so ended up a false economy.

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