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Hi Everyone
After much deliberation (!), I've narrowed it down to a 1.4 i30 SE Nav just under a year old and I'm going to test drive a couple in a few days.  Strangely, though, I've found some Hyundai dealers to be a bit 'lethargic' so far in my experience - hope it isn't typical.

I've not owned a Hyundai before, but my daughter has had good service from an i10 - plus, the 5 year warranty appeals greatly.  Hope I'm doing the right thing!


Re: Potential new i30 owner

Bought my ix20 Dec 2017 and very very pleased with it..gives me a big  smile  every time I drive it..good luck with the i30 if you get one.. wink


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Thanks - just done the deal.  Picking it up on Monday.  Was impressed with the test drive, despite the weather sad

Also drove an Ioniq - liked it very much but too much of a price difference for, what was, an older carwith higher mileage. I think I'll be happy with the i30.  One thing though - my iPhone is too old to take full advantage of the Apple play, so I'll just have to get a newer phone as well!!


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Welcome to the Hyundai family  big_smile

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