Topic: Question About Hyundai Keyfob

Hello everyone,

I just bought my first Hyundai (a 2012 Accent Hatchback) and I’m not a huge fan of the keyfob. It’s got two buttons on the front, and the horn button on the back, I constantly find myself picking it up backwards and having to flip it because the layout just feels natural that way. I’m hoping I can find a more modern style of keyfob that has the switchblade style key attached to it and some more aesthetically appealing buttons. Is there a way to do this? Would any matching style of key blank on a fob be able to be programmed to fit my car, or would I need to make sure I get a specific kind of fob that’s designed to work with my car?

While I’m on the subject, the 2012 Accent key doesn’t have a chip in it does it? As best I can tell it doesn’t seem to.mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/ https://sarkariresult.onl/

Thank you!

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