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Hello everyone,,
is it right that if xvideos.onl/ xnxx.onl/  chaturbate.onl/ my local garage services my new Hyundai using genuine Hyundai parts my warranty will not be affected?

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Re: Warranty and Servicing

There are t&c's which have to be adhered otherwise should you have a warranty claim you may find hy refuse.

Read them then decide if the garage you intend to us can fulfil them.

i've found that by using the hy dealer although slightly dearer give peace of mind.

also,should you have a claim and use same dealer and have hy dealer stamps in book, i would expect them to fight your corner as a loyal customer.

however, the choice is yours to make once you have read the t&c's.

I'm no expert, so please correct me if I'm wrong


Re: Warranty and Servicing

In theory it's right, but it does depend on the independent having access to Hyundai diagnostics which is unlikely in practice - as said, you won't get any goodwill from Hyundai UK.

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