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Hello all

Just had a service and health check on my car, the report has flagged up a worn near side front wheel bearing. The car has only covered 34,000 miles. I havent called them back yet. Would a wheel bearing be covered under warranty?

Surely it must be a manufacturing defect if it failed at that mileage.

Any advice ASAP would be great.



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Well I think your best bet would be to speak to the dealer and see what they are prepared to do. Some may play the `wear and tear` card others put it to Hyundai`s warranty team and see what happens. I think wheel bearings often fall into a grey area but everything is just speculation until you have sought the advice of the dealer.

  If they won`t play ball, it will be a lot cheaper to get it replaced by an independent. Not a huge job.


Re: Warranty question

Wheel bearings covered for 60000miles or 5 years, rather than the unlimited mileage cover of many components.
Details here-
https://www.hyundai.co.uk/misc-pages/5_ … d_coverage

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