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Title: Mice / rodents are ruining my i30 Estate
Post by: Anthony5 on October 24, 2016, 18:04:04

I am new to the forum, so hi to all!

What brings me here is a problem with mice in the car and I just dont know how they get in.  Its an i30 Estate, 63 reg.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed sponge by the drivers pedals and since then I have been trying to trap, poison and humanely remove mice.  Poison was a mistake as one has died in the air vents under the front seats.

Traps have removed about 8 of them.  I know at least some were resident as I parked overnight at a station car park and something ate the poison.  But I have removed 8 and cant believe they are all living there.  

I put an ultrasonic repeller for a 4000sqft house in the car and still caught mice.  I have fitted another under the bonnet.

There are plenty of droppings above the cabin air filter and looking up there I can see daylight so thats where the fresh air is drawn in, but I cant see how the mice are getting in.

If anyone has ideas where they may be getting in I would be grateful for any advice.  They have chewed the engine cover sponge to bits and seems they were nesting underneath there until i removed it.  They have chewed all the sponge hose covers.

I think the only way they can get in is the fresh air in.  But not sure where that is.

Any help and advice appreciated!
Title: Mice / rodents are ruining my i30 Estate
Post by: Anthony5 on December 22, 2016, 15:58:42
Well an update in case any other unfortunate person gets mice in their Hyundai car especially in the countryside

The i30 has two large holes by the bonnet hinges.  About 100mm by 15mm that lead directly to the dashboard.  Wide enough for three mice walking abreast to enter at once.

Shoved metal scouring pads into them, allows the air in, keeps mice out.  No more problems
Title: Mice / rodents are ruining my i30 Estate
Post by: Piskoty on January 05, 2017, 16:18:27
erm, that's a new one, mice breeding in the car! Whilst living in a first-floor maisonette some years ago we suffered from mice. The only conceivable way in for them...to scale the exterior walls up to the first floor and squeeze in through the double-glazed window left clicked ajar (you can't even squeeze your finger in that gap). They can get in anywhere!!! I caught 18 in one night with one single traditional mouse-trap (and dried cheese).