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Title: Air in system?
Post by: NIMLE77 on July 16, 2020, 14:03:32
Been having a coolant loss issue now for about two years on my 2011 i30. Car runs fine and never overheats . I've had it pressure tested no leaks found . Some months coolant level ok sometimes will have dropped about an inch over say 6 weeks . After I had it serviced last year (May) where it included coolant flush I could hear gurgling and sloshing when turning ignition , coolant dropped so I stopped up again and gurgling stopped . Could there still be air in the system over 12 months on ? I dont drive far short trips of about 5 miles a day with the odd long trip 20 mile now and again . I will be having a chemical test done in a few weeks to check head gasket as local garage said head gasket because of exhaust water. The  car has only done 27000 and i noticed this started at about 20000m .if it is head gasket I reckon was faulty from manufacture .
Title: Re: Air in system?
Post by: Shambles on July 16, 2020, 14:59:23
Hi. You already have a topic discussing this in the i30 section ;)