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Title: New here
Post by: djrose007 on February 05, 2021, 19:35:47
Hi, just joined the forum after owning a 2015 1.4 i20 Premium 5 door, bought it in June 2018.
Really liking this car, I've owned/driven many cars in my lifetime, some of them great company cars as well as ones I've owned myself.
We were looking for a family sized car with 4/5 doors so that old people can get in and out easily (my mother in law!). The i20 certainly fits that bill and I find it very comfortable and reasonably quiet. I like the bluetooth and other functions.
It's not been used much this year of course (2020 and early 2021) due to the Covid restrictions.

My other car is more fun of course (MX-5) and I use my motorbike more than both cars but we do need a family car for the grandchildren now as well.
Only real criticism is I've found the boot could be bigger but it's not normally a problem, can usually put down the seats if I need more room in the back, unless the child seats are fitted!

Living in Gloucester, UK, but born and brought up in South Shields (Harbour area of the River Tyne).

Vehicles in our household.

(https://i.ibb.co/LpP9p1T/P1000638.jpg) (https://ibb.co/LpP9p1T)

(https://i.ibb.co/LvhKgkt/From-Martin-Adams-of-Lightspeed-29-June-2019.jpg) (https://ibb.co/LvhKgkt)
Title: Re: New here
Post by: irememberwhen on February 09, 2021, 23:24:37
Hi djrose007 and welcome to this Forum.