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General Chat / Re: AUDIO REPAIRS
« Last post by phil48 on July 09, 2023, 22:56:21 »
Quick google came up with

Do a search yourself and include where you live in it..
General Chat / AUDIO REPAIRS
« Last post by 1bumble on July 08, 2023, 17:17:11 »
Good day all ,
does anyone know of an audio repair business , or one man band , who can fix the OE Hyundai audio units ?
Specifically the unit from a 2012 i10 , which I understand seems to have a bit of a track record of failure .

Over to you then,
General Chat / Re: Own a Hyundai ?
« Last post by phil48 on July 07, 2023, 13:34:05 »
Wow .. Hi John long time no see.. hope you and the family are well  .. please do keep us updated by all means   8) and don't forget to read the Getz section posts..
General Chat / Re: Own a Hyundai ?
« Last post by tooSavvy on July 07, 2023, 11:08:46 »
Hello.... 🥳

Not my first 'Hi n Dry', had a Pony 1.5Auto sal. LonnngggAgo 😮

Popped down to Leeds on my birthday, 4 July, and collected my 06 Getz 1.4GSi 5sp.
3 owners @ 63k.... And a clean MOT history.
Nice gunmetal met.... Not seen one in this colour.

I traded out my '98 Swift 5dr 1.0i Auto... YES >> there was some difference on the 105miles home from the way down 🤣🤣

Has a full service history and I'm going to Zero it out = oil/filter/airfilter/plugs.
What I DON'T know.... Cam belt 😧?

Get my tame mechanic to sort that 👍🛠️

Looking forward to reading other people's postings and, if anyone might be interested, I'll keep things updated with mine 🚙💨


General Chat / Re: Going but not saying good bye
« Last post by Paul on May 17, 2023, 14:04:11 »
Good news the dealer has refunded my deposit.
Better news I will soon be getting a brand new Duster 1.5 Diesel.
General Chat / Re: Going but not saying good bye
« Last post by Paul on May 17, 2023, 05:55:04 »
I am not getting the Dacia duster, I did some checking on the vin number and it turns out the car was imported to Cyprus and it had accident damage on it.
Further to say it was a cat N write off in the UK and failed it's MOT twice 2020 and 2021 for the same thing (Tyre ware and ball joint PS), and 4 months after it was in an accident and the report said about safety damaged parts.
Started looking again for a car but not second hand this time!
General Chat / Re: Going but not saying good bye
« Last post by IX20CONVERT on May 09, 2023, 09:44:55 »
Gosh, good luck with that plan!
Maybe you don't want to share your next identifiable car details here then....doen't mean you stay as anonymous as you'd like perhaps?

Incidentally I'm new, posted 2 days ago but don't know how to distribute beyond 'General Chat', but I'm very keen to get some guidance if any available before tomorrow on buying decision between Venga 3 & Ix20 SE 2019 (as per my post). Anyone specific I can direct this to that is responsive?

Enjoy Cyprus!
General Chat / Re: Going but not saying good bye
« Last post by Shambles on May 09, 2023, 08:37:18 »
Best of luck mate.
General Chat / Going but not saying good bye
« Last post by Paul on May 09, 2023, 06:08:17 »
As some of you know I am in Cyprus.

I am changing my car but not leaving.

Why am I changing my car, well I was a witness in a hit and run court case from 2015 and the defendant lived next door to me and my late wife.

We moved house before the court case to get away from him!

He knows what car I drive and he is now out of prison here in Cyprus, he is the sort of man to come looking for me, so changing my car is going to be a safe move on my part.

The car I am getting is a Dacia Duster 1.5 L diesel, I have noticed as I am getting older the Getz is a bit low for me to get in and out, as well as that it is 16 years old now.

I now and then look in on the new jokes please page as I started that page around 2010.

General Chat / IX20 Auto or Venga Auto (1.6, 1019) What to Buy?
« Last post by IX20CONVERT on May 08, 2023, 19:13:43 »
Hi Guys,
I'm new here, joined last night after finding myself in a quandary about which to buy so thought I'd get some opinions from you 'experts' to help me!
I currently own a 2016 (16) IX20 Premium Auto 1.6, & its been brilliant over the 4 years & 30K miles since I've had it (~61Kmls  now).
We're about to pass it on to offspring who are in desperate need of a replacement, so have decided to buy another USED one for us.

Local searches revealed very few IX20's but several Kia Venga 3's [of similar spec (2019) models] appearing, so I started to review them.
TBH not so keen on their styling compared to IX20 but aware that they are similar build and with longer warranties (7 yrs vs 5 yrs for IX20).
Extended my search radius & located a bigger choice of low mileage 2019 examples of both cars at a former Hyundai Approved  Dealer.
Test drove an IX20, SE, 1.6L, Auto, 2019 (69), 2 Prev owners Low <5 K miles (true!)  & found it a bit sluggish (suspect Ex-Motability) but otherwise in very good clean condition [~£17K], Warranty Left: 1yr 6 Mnths.

Also Test drove a Venga 3, 1.6L, Auto, 2019 (19), 1 Prev Owner, low <12K miles & found it less sluggish (suspect also Ex-Motability) but otherwise in good clean condition [~£16K]. Warranty Left: 2 yr 6 Mnths.

Full service histories available for both cars & both still under warranty.

Driving wise, I preferred the Venga but not so keen on its external aesthetics & lack of CD player, which wife prefers. Also it has 1 yr longer Warranty left, is 6 months older Reg (19)  & not as tidy internally (7K miles more clocked but also costs £1K less).

Garage Dealer suggested "that IX20 Sluggishness may just be that its such low mileage (probably 2 Motobility, short period & ill owners) didn't give it much driving, so engine hasn't bedded in properly", but wouldn't comment on anything else.

Though I've put a reservation deposit on the Venga 3, my quandary is whether its better to spend the extra £1K for a 6 month newer IX20, but with lower mileage & 1 yr less Warranty left & hope that my driving (~ 8K miles/ year) will help engine bed in better whilst also giving me the preferred aesthetics, CD player & better internal condition. Also will this IX20 hold resale value better in ~4 yrs time if I want to change it, as mileage will be lower (although will be a 3 Previous owner vehicle by then).

Can anyone help with my dilemma please? Due to commit to purchase decision by 10th May 2023, assuming the IX20 is still available. Garage happy to switch deposit to reserve the IX20 in that case.

Approx £17K is the most expensive Used Car I've ever bought but seems the current market (Ukraine/ Taiwan etc) leaves little option.
Thanks for replies ASAP!
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