Hyundai Nav system and SD card

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Hyundai Nav system and SD card
« on: May 19, 2021, 14:33:19 »
I've had a 2016 Tucson 2.0 for 2 years, and the "infotainment" software was supposedly up-dated in September 2019.  After our last cross country trip I quite despair of the Nav system - I find it user-unfriendly, lacking in map and route detail and sometimes completely misleading - that's compared with various other systems like google maps, Navionics charts etc.  I have virtually nil understanding of how the set operates - the user manual doesn't say whether the system is Android or whatever.  I know (I think) that the SD card stores maps, but does it also run the navigation system?  can I simply replace it with a different card that will give me a better result?
 and if so can anyone advise on which different system that might be? - and all preferably without involving my Hyundai agent!


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Re: Hyundai Nav system and SD card
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2021, 16:59:04 »
Not really sure myself about what system is used, I think the newer models use tomtom, but the slightly older versions I am not sure. I had my system updated last October and it says the following

software ver: TLEU.SOP.20.194
Firmware ver: TLEU.SOP.20.140
Navi app ver : TLEU.SOP.12.51.41
Map ver : EUR.
as for using another mapping software, did come across this site..have no experience of it ,