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Tucson PHEV
« on: April 26, 2023, 15:58:40 »
I am currently running a Hyundai Tucson Hybrid Ultimate vehicle.

I would appreciate the answer to a couple of questions so that I can fully understand the best method of running the vehicle to its optimum economy.

I understand the vehicle is self-charging to a degree, however I was also told that I must plug the vehicle in to charge it on a regular basis to keep the batteries topped up.

I charged the battery to approximately 50% and used the vehicle around our local town, which is a 14-mile round trip journey from our home, (rural roads) plus around the town at low speeds. The battery level was down to 0% again by the time I returned home.

I also ran my vehicle for approximately 4 days, with the vehicle telling me that the batteries levels were at 0%, however the electric operation was still functioning at low speeds and giving us exceptional economy, why is this?

In order for me to charge my vehicle at home, I used the 3-pin plug but I need a longer length cable due to our location.  Therefore, I’m considering a Granny cable.  I appreciate charging this way takes longer but that is not an issue as it can be done over night.  Due to the aforementioned, is it a financially viable exercise to purchase a Granny cable – or, indeed, simply a longer 3-pin charging cable, for what I may save by charging at home?

Can any Knowledgable person advise please?
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