Lost all audio on Santa Fe

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Lost all audio on Santa Fe
« on: April 07, 2016, 23:10:02 »
6 weeks into ownership of our 2012 CM, it lost all audio from the radio, sat nav and phone.

Doing the usual Google search brought up many, many posts about various Hyundai models with the same problem. Many posts about pressing a tiny reset button by the CD slot, or pulling fuses to attempt to force a reset, but mine does not have a reset button and pulling the radio and power amp fuses did no good.

I phoned a friend who works in the local dealer and a technician told me how to force a reset.......which didn't work. I popped the car down to them and the technician tried a reset himself, with no joy, but he did check the software version, which was old.

I got a phone call an hour later, to say that a software update to the latest version had restored the audio. So well done to Haddocks Hyundai in Colchester.