APMS Valve Stem Issues?

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APMS Valve Stem Issues?
« on: March 14, 2017, 16:55:57 »
My APMS monitor on the dash (2016 Santa Fe) showed one tyre a little low so I checked the tyre pressures and added a little air to each tyre next time I stopped for fuel. Drove home 2 miles and the next morning one tyre was flat. Changed the tyre but could see no damage so took it into the dealer (Johnsons Hyundai in Oxford) to get the tyre checked. No puncture but "you broke the valve stem" and so the tyre deflated.

Replacing the valve stem cost over £200 because it is an integral part of the Air Pressure Monitoring System!

I am claiming under warranty because a valve stem should not break the first time you attach/detach an air hose! Has anyone else had a similar issue with their vehicle and what was the response from the dealer &/or Hyundai?