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General Chat / Blue Link
« Last post by I30Sean on April 03, 2021, 13:39:47 »
Hi All,

Is anyone else using the Hyundai's Blue Link in their car. I have set it up in my new Tucson and find it really useful, i like the app on my phone. The map section is great can send it to the car so all set when you get in. Like the journey history and the alerts for doors or windows open. You can check any issues with the car or warnings. One issue to be aware of, if they are updating the system or doing maintenance then you have to revert to the Sat Nav system built in the car (found this out the other day) when the Sat Nav wouldn't work reverted to the inbuilt one and all good. Some may think its a bit big brother but you can change what it records.
i30 Sean 
General Chat / Paying the PCP loan off / Deposit Contribution
« Last post by Tucson0321 on April 01, 2021, 23:20:20 »
I got my Tucson with a £4500 deposit contribution for taking out a loan with Hyundai Finance.

Hyundai Finance sent a copy of the agreement and it says I can withdraw from it within 14 days.

If I do, will they ask for the £4500 deposit contribution back?

General Chat / Re: Kona electric battery
« Last post by AEB-UK on March 26, 2021, 10:14:40 »
My dealer simply said my car had already received all of the required updates.
I thanked them for confirming that my car was not a fire risk - they didn't respond to that. ???
Read into that what you will   :-\
General Chat / Re: Kona electric battery
« Last post by phil48 on March 25, 2021, 07:56:41 »
Judging by this report they are certainly not handling the situation well..I would recommend you print off what you find on line and stuff it under the nose of your dealer to drive the point home..
General Chat / Kona electric battery
« Last post by dkelly4389 on March 24, 2021, 22:19:19 »
Does anyone know if and when hyundai will be recalling Kona electric cars for battery replacements
having read the news stories looks like all built till march 2020 despite a software upgrade are a fire risk and a recall/battery change is needed
contacted my delaer who simply said no recall on my vehicle and didnt know about this
concerned re reported fire risk and that arent supposed to charge beyond 90%
General Chat / Re: Hyundai i10 - Main dealer servicing or not?
« Last post by paully on March 16, 2021, 11:01:41 »
I echo the views above re building a relationship with a dealer. I bought an i40 from a main dealer, who I wouldn`t deal with again. The car was ex lease (arval) and had its first service at Halfords. The supplying dealer (with multiple Hyundai Franchises) had serviced it but out of sequence and between services and tried to pass it off  as OK.
  The dealer I started using explained that Hyundai allow the servicing to be brought back into line in circumstances like this by using franchised dealers. If you don`t then to all intents and purposes its null and void. I also find, if you have a relationship , they are open to haggling on service prices as they want to keep your business. I`ve always used dealer servicing for different makes I`ve had and its always worked for me.
General Chat / Re: WOW!!! not good news for Kia and Hyundai
« Last post by WAFU on March 08, 2021, 09:08:49 »
Thanks for taking the time to respond and post the story in the link you gave phil48.
General Chat / Re: WOW!!! not good news for Kia and Hyundai
« Last post by phil48 on March 07, 2021, 16:47:02 »
Then just a snippet for you so you know what its all about WAFU..

If Kia doesn't pay, the hackers will release the stolen data to the public.
UPDATE 3: Hyundai also responded to our request for comment. Like Kia, it is denying the allegations of a ransomware attack:

Hyundai Motor America is experiencing an IT outage affecting a limited number of customer-facing systems. Those systems are in the process of coming back online. We would like to thank our customers for their continued patience. At this time, we can also confirm that we have no evidence of Hyundai Motor America or its data being subject to a ransomware attack.


UPDATE 2: Kia responded with a statement regarding this issue:

Kia Motors America Statement Regarding IT Systems Outage – 2/18/21

Kia Motors America, Inc. (“Kia”) has been experiencing an extended systems outage since Saturday but can confirm that the UVO app and owner’s portal are now operational. We anticipate remaining primary customer-facing affected systems will continue to come back online within the next 24-48 hours, with our most critical systems first in line. We apologize for the inconvenience to affected customers, especially those impacted by winter storms, who felt the outage of our remote start and heating feature most acutely. Kia is wholly focused on fully resolving this issue and would like to thank our customers for their continued patience.

We are aware of online speculation that Kia is subject to a ransomware attack. At this time, and based on the best and most current information, we can confirm that we have no evidence that Kia or any Kia data is subject to a ransomware attack.


UPDATE: An anonymous tip to alleges that Hyundai dealership technicians are unable to access part of the system for using diagnostic equipment. This has allegedly been the case since Saturday, according to the person who contacted us.

We've contacted Hyundai and Kia with these new details for confirmation.


A group of hackers attacked Kia Motors America and subjected the automaker to ransomware that has allegedly shut down vital services like its UVO Link apps, payment system, and the sites that dealers use, according to Bleeping Computer. The hackers are requesting 404.5833 bitcoin to decrypt the data, and at current values, this is equivalent to $20,899,559.53. If Kia doesn't pay quickly enough, then the ransom increases to 600 bitcoin ($30,994,200).

Bleeping Computer also obtained the alleged ransom note that the hackers sent to Kia. The letter says that if Kia doesn't make any attempt to contact the attackers within three days that a portion of the obtained data would be made public. The demands doesn't specifically say what type of data that this hack stole.

General Chat / Re: WOW!!! not good news for Kia and Hyundai
« Last post by WAFU on March 07, 2021, 12:40:49 »
Despite the credibility of a member and their status on this site, without explanation of why or what a link is being posted for, I always avoid clicking on any given.  Yes my antivirus software is up-to-date but is just a secondary precaution I observe.
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